Liberating the self-healing and self-regulating qualities of the human body

Collective Movement Osteopathy is a clinical, classical osteopathic practice located in Port Dover Ontario.

“Our goal is for you to achieve optimal results and require less treatment.”

We believe in the healing nature of the body. Through osteopathic treatment, we liberate the self healing and self regulating qualities that each and every human body possess.


Port Dover

Until further notice, hours are: 

Monday: 11am-2:00pm
Tuesday: 1pm-5pm
Thursday: 1pm-5pm


Since 2010, Sarah has been a Registered Yoga Instructor; it was through teaching that she became increasingly interested in the human form, its mechanics, and the bodies healing mechanism. Through personal experience with family illness, as well as her own ailments, Sarah sought an osteopathic practitioner and was immediately fascinated by the balanced, gentle approach and long-standing results. Thereafter she began studying at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, partaking in in-depth academics; focusing on osteopathic principles, biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology. She completed the program in 2016 and was awarded the Teddy Hall Award of Excellence.

Sarah is inspired by the principles set out by the founder of the profession, Andrew Taylor Still and works towards offering each patient her best.

Sarah is an independent practitioner and is licensed with the Ontario Osteopathic Association which includes the highest level of education and compliance to standards of practice, which ensures that treatment will be covered by extended health care benefit plans.




Upon your first visit there will be a thorough discussion of health history, symptoms and complaints. We will assess you structurally as well as render your first treatment.


In order to ensure that you achieve your health goals, we will discuss what to do/avoid after treatment as well as your lifestyle outside of treatment. We will remind you that we are a part of your healthcare, but each individual holds the responsibility of their growth. Each patient will require a different course of care, but you will have an idea of how frequently you may need to see your practitioner.

Please wear comfortable/non-restrictive clothing to your appointments to allow ease of movement. If you have relevant imaging reports, please bring copies for us to add to your file. This will assist us in your treatment process by having a deeper understanding of your structural health.

23 Market St
Port Dover, ON